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Editorial Policies

Any views expressed on DiabetesMine.com are the opinion of the author or guest author(s) only, and are fully independent of advertising interests.

Product reviews are likewise individual opinions of the author(s) based on their personal experience.  Whenever specific medications are mentioned, a hotlink is provided to the drug manufacturer’s site listing indications, side effects, warnings, etc.

This site is generally updated every weekday of the year.  Date of publication appears at the footer of each individual post.

Guest posts are generally by invitation only. If you’d like an invitation, send a brief description of yourself and your post idea to info_at_diabetesmine dot com.

Privacy/ Reader Comments Policies

Any information collected by this website, such as email addresses, is treated with the utmost confidentiality and never passed on to any third party.

Comments are open to all and appear immediately on the site. They will be removed only in the instance that the author(s) determine them to contain offensive or abusive material, or commercial content considered to be solicitous “spam.”

Advertising Policies

DiabetesMine.com is part of the Alliance Health Networks (AHN) family of websites.  AHN develops and maintains over 50 patient social networks for people living with various chronic health conditions.  They fund this site and others by offering opt-in advertising on relevant products and services to patients in need of Pharma and other health-related solutions.

Here at the 'Mine, we display banner advertisements, set apart from editorial content and never placed within the body of a blog post.

We do not accept text-based “sponsored links” or “advertorial” content.

If you’re interested in advertising on DiabetesMine.com, please see the information on our Advertise Here page.

Thank you!