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The DiabetesMineā„¢ Test Kitchen is a new patient-led review program of apps, devices and other offerings targeted at people with diabetes (PWDs), published here at

The reviews take the form of 3-5 minute videos, shot in a kitchen (where so much of life takes place). We pay a stipend of $100 for each video accepted by our team.

About the Test Kitchen:


How to Submit a Review:

* Pick a product you’re very familiar with so you can share your experiences; be positive, but also fair and balanced.

* All submissions will be reviewed by our editors for production quality (video and sound) and for editorial content — we’ll only accept those that pass muster, and we may ask you to tweak your original submission for improved quality.

* You are not eligible if you are being paid or otherwise compensated by the vendor of the product you’re reviewing.

* You must be age 16 or older to submit an independent review; otherwise please work with your parent to participate.


Please FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to apply, and we’ll email your our brief Reviewer’s Guide with some simple instructions on how to proceed.

Once accepted for publication, we’ll let you know as soon your review is up and running for community viewing and comments.