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About the DiabetesMine™ Innovation Summit

The DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is our unique annual gathering of diabetes game-changers, which took place most recently on Friday, Nov. 21, at Stanford University School of Medicine.

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This event builds on the DiabetesMine Innovation Project, a multi-year patient-led initiative aiming to accelerate innovation to improve life with diabetes, and on our hugely successful Summit events over the past several…

Evolution of Our Innovation Project

The DiabetesMine Innovation Project began in 2007 as an idea to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the medical devices and tools that patients with diabetes use — and often wear on their bodies — every day of their lives. The initiative went viral, and quickly developed from online conversations into the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, an international crowdsourcing competition that has awarded over $50,000 in prize money over the years…
In 2011, we launched the…