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The 2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge

A very big announcement today, my Friends. Welcome to the kickoff of the …
2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge
* a competition designed to foster innovation in diabetes design and encourage creative new tools that will improve life with diabetes *
Two of the most enticing design concepts will win a package of prizes to help further their creative efforts: $1,000 in cash, some pro-bono professional advice from world-renowned design experts, and free access to…

10 Little-Known Facts About Your Immune System

I honestly thought that with Type 1 diabetes, my immune system was shot to hell. But my husband and oldest daughter always get sick faster and longer than I do. Somehow I seem to fight off “bugs” better than they do. How can this be?
Curious as ever, I spent a little time looking into the human immune system and found some pretty intriguing trivia, compiled here for your reading pleasure:
1) Type 1 diabetes…