One-Year Blogiversary

Hard to believe that exactly one year ago today my very first post went up. At the time I felt I was groping forward into the cavernous unknown. Who would find me on the Web? Who would care to come back and read more musings on “everything diabetes”? Thanks, guys…
And what a wild ride it has been! A few things that happened to me this year since starting this blog:
* My “Dr. Suess’…

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100 Days: the Living Room Tipping Point

Forgive me in advance, for I have no intention of making light of anyone’s struggles. It’s just that I’ve been perusing recent posts by D-bloggers about hitting the “Tipping Point” at which they can no longer stand it all, and making resolutions to shake things up in 100 days. And it hit me that it’s been about that long since I started my seemingly innocent quest to fix up my living room. Which is part…

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PostGrad Terminology

As an addendum to my post on the latest ADA conference, I’d like to add that I learned some new terms. Or clarified their meaning for myself, at last:

Dual Wave vs. Square Wave Bolus – literally, bolus doses administered by an insulin pump in these patterns. MiniMed explains: “The Square Wave Bolus allows patients to easily select an amount and duration (from 30 min to 8 hrs) over which time a meal bolus is…

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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Sweethearts’ Day to you all. I received the “Valentine” below from my favorite Diabetic Funny Lady, and just had to share.

Happy Heart

Chocolate Day!

From the


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the WW chocolate market now tops about $45 billion.
We PWDs do our share. You know we do.…

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ADA PostGrad Sessions

Yet another academic diabetes event, the ADA’s annual “PostGraduate Sessions” was on this weekend in San Francisco. So I just had to go. Besides promising to cover selected material for the Diabetes Monitor, my own curiosity about this disease and the research around it wouldn’t let me skip such an opportunity to eavesdrop on the brains behind the treatment right here in my own home town. Compared to the big annual ADA Conference, this one’s…

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