This time it’s not about me and mine, but rather all the people out there writing to me about the DexCom and other continuous monitoring technology:
There was the family who tried to use the DexCom on their 5-year-old boy, and was sorely disappointed (they also sent me the link to the company’s recent shareholder Webcast, btw)
There was the guy in Iran who’s DESPERATE to get one for his 3-year-old nephew (sorry)
The guy…

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The OC Gets Moving for National Diabetes Month

Today is the first, so say hello to November, aka national Diabetes Awareness Month.  So many diabetics, so much to do!
In addition to the FDA/FTC crackdown on phoney diabetes web ads, plus all sorts of creative fund-raising initiatives like the JDRF’s campaign with the Build-A-Bear Workshop, the Diabetes Online Community (O.C.) is launching two new initiatives:
1) A new navigation system to make finding blogs about living with diabetes easier.  The OC website will…

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Happy Halloween

Some people have been asking why I don’t post more about dietary and weight loss issues.  Um, ’cause that ain’t really my bailiwick.  But on National Sugar Day, I offer you this “beefy” greeting:

(Lean) beef is good food.  Makes great decor, too.  (Hat Tip)

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Genetics and Health

How much do you know about the subject?  Not alot?  Me neither.  But that didn’t stop Science and Health Channel editor Hsien-Hsien Lei from interviewing me on the topic.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer.  See the interview HERE.

What I tried to get across was that us folks who actually live with chronic diseases tend to take a very pragmatic view of all things health-related.  For us, this is not some untapped market,…

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Finger Lickin’ Good

Let’s see a show of hands here: How many of you lick your finger to get the blood off after glucose testing? 
Well, of course you do. Otherwise the digit keeps bleeding and you end up with spots all over your shirt/steering wheel/wallet, right?  It’s perfectly natural.  Even non-diabetics do it after they get a little nick, don’t they?
But I’ve found that this practice seems to be a much bigger deal than the glucose…

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