Why Did God Make Carbs So Yummy?

This is a post about binging. Well, not binging exactly, but eating more than one handful of tortilla chips or Cheeto’s in one sitting, and then kicking yourself around the block for it the rest of the day.
This is a post about not wanting just HALF an apple — or not biting into a banana at all just to be on the safe side. Lusting after that banana and loathing it at the same…

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Looking Past Blood Sugar

Who is Gina Kolata? And as Bernard so kindly pointed out this morning, why didn’t she do her homework and at least mention our book, which had the scoop on the five other key factors that influence your health with diabetes long before she touted them in today’s New York Times? Ugh.
Good article otherwise, however. The point being that many doctors don’t explain clearly how to look after your health with diabetes beyond using…

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Live from the DH Studios: Watch This!

Hello from Computer-TV-land.
Today I am on-site at Diabetes Health magazine’s new broadcast studio in Marin, CA. Editor Scott King and I will discuss the latest D-news, new product designs, and conduct a big fat Q&A session answering dozens of reader questions. The flagship show of Diabetes Live is must-see TV!
So settle down in front of your PC and have your telephone handy to call 800-473-4636 with questions.

Definitely let me know how it…

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Januvia Smackdown

Get your ringside seats, Folks! A while back I posted about the Merck’s new Type 2 oral drug Januvia (What It Doesn’t Do), explaining how it apparently trumps competitors in terms of patient “tolerability.” No other post has ever generated such ongoing reader energy, both positive and negative. Nearly every day, several new commentors weigh in, duking it out the relative merits of Januvia.
Most everyone seems to agree that Januvia reduces appetite, which is…

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Charmr Update: People Are Talking

You could say we’ve spurred a national debate here with the patient-led push for improved diabetes technology. But the term “debate” implies argument, and happily, most people seem to agree that “more is more”: the more attention paid to developing better technology, the more often better technology will be developed.

Check out this blogosphere/media coverage of Adaptive Path’s answer to my call for cooler diabetes devices:
NPR’s Future Tense
JDRF Artificial…

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