But I Don't Feel "Disabled"

So Manny over at the TuDiabetes networking site flagged Friday's post about Steve Sim's story as a launching pad for the whole discussion: Should diabetes be officially treated as a disability?
And wow, what an emotionally-charged debate...
My first thought was, that's a tough one with "invisible illnesses" on the whole. If we haven't developed any complications, we "diabetics" don't look or feel disabled, do we? But sometimes we do require special accommodations at work,…

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Shipped Home from Iraq: Diabetes Discrimination?

Last June, Steve Sims, 41, was shipped home from Iraq by his then-employer contractor KBR supposedly because he has diabetes. You might think he'd feel lucky. Be he actually liked his job, and wanted to stay. He believes his supervisor pulled the "diabetes card" for political reasons, angling to get rid of an unwanted software development team.
"I never let diabetes slow me down, so I really have an issue when somebody says you can’t…

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Got Ethics?

Have you spotted these icons yet?

What they represent is another solid answer to the burning question, “How do you know whether a health/medical blog is credible”?
There is of course the HONCode for policing the reliability of medical and scientific sites on the Net, and also Trusted.MD’s new HealthTrain Manifesto, a sort of online community petition for a new "integrity standard" among healthcare bloggers.
But Rob Lamberts, MD, who practices internal medicine and pediatrics…

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