Opportunity Knocks

Knock-knock… Who’s there? YOU. You-Who?
Exactly. Yoo-hoo, PWDs (people with diabetes) and all readers of this blog. If you can forgive this corny opening, please read today’s call for your involvement on several fronts:
1) Want to be a media star? Or at least quoted in a story on “the lack of coordination in health care,
especially for diabetics” in the AARP and More magazines? Journalist and author Shannon Brownlee is working on a story…

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Closed-Loop Progress Report

Further to Aaron Kowalski’s recent JDRF update here on developing a closed-loop system for treating diabetes — and of course the new OmniPod/DexCom deal — I ought to share some official updates from the recent Global Diabetes Summit in Ohio, courtesy of Close Concerns:
• “In a session on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Dr. Alan Marcus, Vice President and Global Director of Medical Affairs for Medtronic Diabetes, revealed that Medtronic Diabetes will release an enhanced…

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OmniPod + DexCom = Yippee!

[Post title borrowed from a Reader email ]
Today Insulet Corp, makers of the tube-free insulin delivery system OmniPod, and DexCom Inc., makers of the wireless continuous glucose monitor DexCom Seven, have announced plans to develop a combined product. Yippee! Read the full announcement HERE.


The skinny:
“The PDM with DexCom technology will combine the functionality of both systems’ handheld receivers into one single handheld wireless device, eliminating the need for a separate receiver.…

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The ADA and The Great Carb Debate

You may have read by now that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has updated its nutritional guidelines, and the media’s going googly over what appears to be its embrace of low-carb diets, at last. But don’t get too excited. It’s not as if the ADA is admitting any faulty thinking in the past, or even clearly stating that eating low-carb might be the best way to keep blood sugars under control. Personally, I have to…

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Life, by the Spoonful

The incessant need to “manage” my diabetes chips away at my energy, no doubt. Sure, there are good days when I can’t imagine letting it stand in my way. But there are plenty of bad days, too, when I may look and feel “OK,” even while I’m partially falling apart on some level.
So how do I explain this apparent paradox to other people? How do all of YOU deal with the fact that “you…

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