Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 12: Being Me – Lessons from a PWD/PSR

Ever wonder what it’s like “working for the other side?” Michelle M. felt compelled to share her story of “straddling the fence” with me, and I share it with you today. Read on.
So what’s it like being BOTH a “PWD” and a “PSR”?
What? You don’t know what a “PSR” is? Let me elaborate. I am, what most everybody hates to love and at the same time loves to hate… a pharmaceutical sales representative.…

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Alternative Prickers

Talk about cool packages arriving in the mail: last week, I got a surprise from Can-Am Care, in the form of a test unit of the company’s new Renew lancing device.
Who would have thought that anything could make drawing your own blood more fun? This system really is pleasant to use.

A quick overview of my experience with Renew:
PROs -
* handy and “fun” design
* easy to advance and “cock” (ahem…)

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Congrats and Thank You!

Not necessarily in that order…
First, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for everyone’s support in the MedGadget 2007 Medblog Awards contest, which closed out late Sunday night. It was an honor for DiabetesMine to be nominated in both the Best Medical Weblog and Best Patient Weblog categories. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time any patient-blogger has been nominated for the former, so that was a special treat.
Second, an equally…

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Five Diabetes Headlines – A Quick and Dirty Review

Ricocheting around the press and the blogosphere:
1) Statins for all diabetics – One-third fewer people with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) would suffer heart attacks or strokes if they took cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, a U.K. study says. If you’re over 40, and not already on a statin, you’re urged to get on one. The experts say it’s like wearing a helmet for protection when you’re riding a bike. Sounds good, but there are…

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Asking ADA the Tough Questions

I had actually planned to interview the American Diabetes Association’s newly elected Chair of the Board, R. Stewart Perry, when I read about his taking office a few weeks ago. But the questions I wanted to ask were pretty hard-hitting, so it seems the ADA thought I ought to talk with someone in their ranks with both lots of media savvy, and a “deep clinical background.”

Dr. Sue Kirkman, the ADA’s Vice President of Clinical…

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