A Shot of Joy

I talk a good bit about Joy, but I’m actually a rather cynical person. What, you noticed? Anyway, I don’t exactly believe in the “mood cure” either, so when writer and advocate Riva Greenberg sent me her sweet little new book with bunnies on the cover, I was… well, skeptical.
The book is called “The ABCs of Loving Yourself with Diabetes,” and it features A-Z alphabet illustrations with grinning bunnies, cherubs, mermaids and mice, each…

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My Turn on Newsweek.com (!)

Who says bloggers don’t need mainstream media? Come on, what’s cooler than being able to tell your story to a larger audience? Especially if your story is a “health triumph” like our day-to-day conquest over diabetes (most days
What I’m getting at is that this “one sick mom in California” is featured on Newsweek.com this week! My very own “My Turn” was even showcased on the front page for most of Saturday.

“Health Triumphs” is…

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Diabetes: As Costly As War

Last week, results of an ADA-commissioned study were announced indicating that uncontrolled diabetes is costing this country $174 billion a year. That makes it as costly as war (the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the global war on terrorism combined), and more expensive than repairing our worst natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina. I am still trying to get my head around this information.
The ADA actually says this estimate is probably an understatement, because “it…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 12: Being Me – Lessons from a PWD/PSR

Ever wonder what it’s like “working for the other side?” Michelle M. felt compelled to share her story of “straddling the fence” with me, and I share it with you today. Read on.
So what’s it like being BOTH a “PWD” and a “PSR”?
What? You don’t know what a “PSR” is? Let me elaborate. I am, what most everybody hates to love and at the same time loves to hate… a pharmaceutical sales representative.…

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Alternative Prickers

Talk about cool packages arriving in the mail: last week, I got a surprise from Can-Am Care, in the form of a test unit of the company’s new Renew lancing device.
Who would have thought that anything could make drawing your own blood more fun? This system really is pleasant to use.

A quick overview of my experience with Renew:
PROs -
* handy and “fun” design
* easy to advance and “cock” (ahem…)

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