Diabetes Design Contest: Updates, Updates, Updates!

Big updates today to the …
2nd Annual DiabetesMineā„¢ Design Challenge

* a competition designed to foster innovation in diabetes design and encourage creative new tools that will improve life with diabetes *
In order to spread the word about this competition, we’ve issued a press release today, highlighting three exciting changes:
* increased prize money — we now have an additional $200 donation from our friends at DexCom, along with an additional $1,000 from…

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Bloodless Update: May 08 Edition

We’re all waiting for some truly bloodless glucose monitoring technology, of which there is much on the horizon. The wait, however, is long and tedious. Still, we love to hear about what’s coming, don’t we? I stamped this post “May 08 edition,” because I’m quite sure the Bloodless Update will be an ongoing series.
[Editor’s note: Do excuse the skeptical tone of this post, but as interesting as all these developments are, I’ll really believe…

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Suddenly Celiac

Back in 2003, when I was diagnosed, nobody seemed to know anything much about the connection between Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Or at least it wasn’t mainstream, certainly not for my doctors at the time. Celiac is of course and intolerance to gluten, a composite of proteins contained in wheat, rye and barley. Having it therefore means eating no foods that contain those grains. Picture that!
But my point was that suddenly, I…

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Wisdom of the Winners, and More

Harking back to the last contest hosted here, Seven Words of Wisdom for Living with Diabetes, today a nice photo montage of our wise and wonderful winners — and their coveted prizes.

– Terry Keelan sporting attitude, and his new DBMine shirt
(Pay attention. Lick your fingers. Move forward.)

– Brian Boone’s wrist looking cool with his new leather med-ID from StickyJewelry
(Check your glucose. Check again. Check again.)

– A very happy Karen Doering,…

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Tarpal Cunnel Syndrome – Ouch

No, that’s not my cat walking on the keyboard again, typing crazy things (although she does that often). It’s me. My carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up again, and I’m hating it. Who would have thought a little cramping in your forearms could be so bad?
Even though I’ve spent most of my adult life typing like a maniac, I didn’t actually get carpal tunnel until my 3rd pregnancy (when everything just seemed to fall…

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