How to Enter

{Be sure to check out the official Contest Rules here.}


Here’s What To Do:

1) Create Your Own 2-3 Minute Video

  • When making your video, be sure to include the 2012 DiabetesMine™ Patient Voices title screen, displayed at the beginning and end of your video for five seconds. The title screen is available for download here.
  • For what to include, scroll to the bottom of this page.

2) Upload Your Video to YouTube

  • Give your video a title reflecting the name of the entrant.  Entries with generic names like “DiabetesMine Contest” may be dismissed, as we need unique titles in order to locate and track entries.
  • When uploading your video to YouTube, add the tag “DBMine2012.” Don’t forget this tag! Submissions will be then added by us to the DiabetesMine™ YouTube Channel.

3) Fill out the Contest Entry Form here.

  •  Be sure to provide the URL of your video entry on YouTube!! If we can’t find your video, you won’t actually be entered in the contest.
  •  Once we’ve received your form, we’ll add your video to the DiabetesMine YouTube channel.


Watch This Brief How-To Guide … for making your video entry a winner!

Some additional questions to spur your imagination on what to include:

  • What’s the highlight or lowpoint in your day living with diabetes and why?
  • What’s missing in today’s diabetes products, systems and services?
  • What do you think could easily be fixed?
  • What would you most like to see Pharma companies and device manufacturers focus on?
  • What about mobile tools? How could they best help you live better with diabetes?
  • How do you hope to be living better in the near and far future?

Remember, there are no “right or wrong” answers; we’re just looking for 10 great communicators of diabetes patient needs!