About the DiabetesMine™ Innovation Summit

The DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is our unique annual gathering of diabetes game-changers, which took place most recently on Friday, Nov. 21, at Stanford University School of Medicine.

This event builds on the DiabetesMine Innovation Project, a multi-year patient-led initiative aiming to accelerate innovation to improve life with diabetes, and on our hugely successful Summit events over the past several years.

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Once again, we brought together a select group of informed patient advocates, device designers, Pharma Marketing and R&D leaders, health tech visionaries, passionate clinicians, regulatory experts, and more.

We’re excited to see diabetes innovation reaching a tipping point, thus our 2014 theme “Emerging Models for Improving Life with Diabetes.” Against the backdrop of the Affordable Healthcare Act, we explored which programs may have the biggest potential, and how we might address challenges to their success.

The Summit represents a tremendous opportunity to “connect the dots” between patients, industry, entrepreneurs, designers, and physicians – the brightest minds doing the most innovative thinking in the diabetes world to date.

Brought to you by the empowered patients who care…

Huge thanks to our 2014 Expert Advisory Board!


Summit Origins

After four amazing years of hosting our revolutionary open innovation competition, the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, we launched a new chapter in our efforts to bring innovative thinking to the diabetes community: we hosted the first-ever DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA, in September 2011.

This intimate, invitation-only event was an historic gathering of the various stakeholders involved in creating tools for life with diabetes: informed patient advocates, device designers, Pharma Marketing and R&D folks, web visionaries, experts from venture capital investment and innovation, regulatory experts, clinicians, mobile health experts and more.

The aim was to kick off a new era of collaboration among these groups, to begin revolutionizing the world of designing tools for diabetes — primarily by helping to craft best practices for keeping the actual users of these solutions (us patients!) central to the process.

The event was co-hosted by Health & Wellness experts from world-renowned design firm IDEO, and they were fantastic in helping us lead the way!



Following a hugely successful 2012 Summit, we continued to “push the envelope” with the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit that took place on Nov. 15, 2013. See the photo album on our Facebook page.

 2013 DiabetesMine Summit - Stanford

The theme was “delivering on the promise of diabetes technology,” and our event featured live updates from the FDA and five of the nation’s top health insurance providers, among other movers and shakers.

(see below for details on previous years)


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The 2012 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

The 2012 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit took place at Stanford University on Nov. 16 — even bigger and better than the first!

Patient advocates joined Pharma, the FDA, leadership from ADA and JDRF, as well as designers and entrepreneurs, totaling over 100 participants in all.

The 2012 event focused on breaking the “gridlock” in the diabetes industry: Why does every diabetes tech product have its own clunky cables and not share data with other products?! Why aren’t companies working together to form standards for this stuff, that would also ease the FDA approval process?

Some of the “Powers That Be” folks in the room included the CEO of the American Diabetes Association Larry Hausner, as well as ADA’s new Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Ratner; Joslin Diabetes Center CEO John Brooks III; endo and educator extraordinaire Dr. Steven Edelman; legendary researcher Dr. Bruce Buckingham (he crashed the party!); Horst Merckle of Roche Diabetes and the data-standards initiative Continua Alliance; Yogen Dalal, co-founder of Glooko; Patti Brennan, National Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Project Health Design and many more.



Companies represented at the Summit included: Sanofi Diabetes, JnJ LifeScan, JnJ Animas, Dexcom, Abbott Diabetes Care, Bayer, BD Medical, Eli Lilly, Insulet, Medtronic Diabetes, Roche Diabetes, AgaMatrix, Glooko, Enject, Dance Pharmaceuticals, Hygieia Inc., Omada Health, Misfit Wearables, Valeritas, VeraLight and Target Pharmacies.



Some of our key patient participants were the 10 winners of our 2012 Patient Voices Contest, who were awarded full scholarships to attend.  Have a look at the video compilation of their collective Call for Innovation!


We were particularly please to host THREE senior representatives from FDA, who penned a collective reaction post here:

The CEO and Chief Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association also wrote a reaction post about the Summit here:



 Click here to see the full 2012 Summit Photo Album.





The 2011 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

IDEO helped us create this compilation of “Patient Needs in Action” from various submissions to the DiabetesMine Design Challenge contest over the past few years:






IDEO also led us through an afternoon of Brainstorming, Ideation and Prototyping that got people thinking and working together on creating their very own solutions to real-world diabetes problems.

We ended the day with an open discussion on how to overcome the challenges in bringing new design processes to fruition.

Here are some views of what transpired:

Kicking off the day at Stanford



Bernard Farrell shares his (diabetes technology) life story



The brainstorming begins!



Creative D-minds at work



Fantastic networking + interaction


We’re thrilled with the accomplishments of the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, and with the evolution of the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit event!