2011 Contest Gallery

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Diabetes Design Challenge Winners 2011
Take a look at some examples of outstanding submissions from the 2011 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge:



Grand Prize Winners (Three):




Pancreum – A futuristic modular three-part “wearable artificial pancreas” that takes the combination of tubeless insulin pumping and continuous glucose monitoring to the next level.








BLOB – a small, portable insulin-delivery device unlike anything we’ve seen before.




diaPETic – an iPhone/iPod touch application that helps a glucose meter to “acknowledge the user as a human being.”



2011 Most Creative Idea:

Colored Tubing – like colored drinking straws, ump tubing could also change color when insulin passed through it, so that PWDs could easily detect clogs or air bubbles.

2011 Kids Category Winner:

Rapid-Absorbing Glucose Patch – a transdermal glucose patch that makes it easy to swim or do sports without worrying about carrying emergency sugar in case of hypoglycemia.

Judges’ Honorable Mention:

Sanguine Diabetes Manager – diabetes data management program that represents data in a much more user-friendly way than we’ve seen before, and stresses interoperability of data as a key tenet.


2011 Highlighted Video Entries

Hanky Pancreas – stylish accessories that make diabetics feel good about wearing a pump.

Harmony – an all-in-one device encompassing a glucose meter, lancer, lancets, test strips, pen needles, and insulin pen holder.

dbees.com – a new online service & app for diabetics offering community and information.

SafeSleep – A shot drink designed to ward off diabetic shock overnight.

Wound Pump – An an inexpensive device aimed at solving the worldwide burden of diabetic ulcers.

Micro-Meter Wrist Band – non-invasive band reading BG levels using a microneedle patch.

Prodigi Imaging System - a new camera system used to find infection in diabetic wounds (foot ulcers, etc.)

Diabeatniks – an international database of resources for diabetics who travel.

Sweet Dreams – a remote bedside monitor so parents can see CGM data overnight while their type 1 kids are sleeping.

X-Fingers – prosthetic fingers that accommodate more than 600 variations of assemblies.

2011 Highlighted Paper Entries


BGWindow – a smart phone app for iOS and Android operating systems thatwill provide a new level of blood glucose monitoring and a reliable safety net fordiabetics by allowing loved ones near and far to maintain constant, direct observation of blood glucose levels.





D-Cycle – a clean and “green” way to dispose of your diabetes trash.





DuoPod - an eco-friendly combination insulin pump and continuous glucose meter device.

Flip Glucose and Lancing Unit – a compact glucose meter with built-in lancing device.


Gio One-Handed Blood Glucose Meter – a small, sleek blood glucose meter designed to make testing with just one hand fast, natural and instinctive.

Hemova- an alternate method of providing dialysis treatment: an implantable device that connects to veins with naturally high flow rates, providing access by means of a subcutaneous port.

Sonic DiaCure – futuristic system using sonochemistry for non-invasive glucose monitoring.

Sure5 – an emergency alert device for elderly people with diabetes.





TatAlert – temporary medical ID tattoos that are safe, look great, and last for several days.

Telsa Meter- a glucose meter for blind diabetics, featuring special “touch technology” that can provides all the information in the braille system.



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