2010 Contest Gallery

Take a look at some outstanding examples of the amazing array of creative submissions from the 2010 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge:

Grand Prize Winners:

Zero – A combination insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor in a futuristic bracelet format.

Finn the Glucose Fish – A bright and appealing glucose meter for small children.

Test Drive – A safeguard system to prevent diabetics from getting behind the wheel of a car when in danger of hypoglycemia.

2010 Most Creative Winner:

In Sue Lin’s World – A program presenting a “virtual world” for kids with diabetes, in which they have to help take of little Sue Lin, all the while learning how to better manage their own diabetes.

2010 Kids Category Winner:

Animeter – An interactive glucose monitor to help motivate D-kids.

2010 Highlighted Video Entries

CarbSource – an iPhone app to keep track of carbohydrate intake.

EasyView SportLink – “Lets you view your glucose level easily and discretely at your convenience no matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

GlucaShield – a new “revolutionary” diabetes emergency kit for children from Bluelarix Designworks in Amsterdam.

GlucoBand – A non-invasive glucose monitor wrist band for diabetes care.

Glucose Meter App for Android – “an Android app can be connected to a glucose meter via bluetooth to help diabetic’s life.”

Learn Diabetes – an educational game and a management system to motivate and educate.

Parent Alert Glucose Meter – utilizes wireless technology to transmit data, “so parents won’t have to sit and wonder if their child is doing okay at school.”

Pumpie – a waterproof-tight case that can hold your insulin pump for you while you shower without disconnecting from your site.

SafeD – a handy all-in-one “stick” for treating severe hypoglycemia.

TypeMe – a handheld device and service built specifically for kids and teenagers in transition for when they are first diagnosed with diabetes or when they start to be in charge of their own care.

2010 Highlighted Paper Entries

Glucose Buddiez – interactive plush figurines that aid children in managing their diabetes as well as providing a fun companion that
can make diabetes seem less stressful.

e-Pill for Diabetes – a quarter-sized electronic device to help a diabetic patient complete an exercise prescription.

EZCare – a non-invasive glucose monitor using touchpad technology.

IRVA Cup – a coffee cup design that can take glucose readings (!)

JewelPump – the smallest patch pump ever conceived; uses Bluetooth technology for wireless functionality.

Diabetes Mesh Insole – a computerized cast tool, for manufacturing insoles for diabetic and flat-footed clients.

RememberItNow – a online service which helps diabetics remember to take medications correctly, check blood sugar levels, or go to appointments by sending reminders to their cell phone.

Touch – an ultra-aesthetic pen-like glucose meter with built-in lancing device.

WDI System – uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to let patients share their glucose data with doctors and others remotely.

Vital – a futuristic wrist-watch style portable glucose meter.

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