2009 Contest Gallery

Take a look at some outstanding examples of the amazing array of creative submissions from the 2009 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge:


Grand Prize Winner:

LifeCase/LifeApp – A combined hardware and software system for iPhones that combines a lancer, test strips, a glucose meter, wireless insulin pump management, and disease management software all in one package.

Most Creative Winner:

Jerry the Bear with Diabetes – A fun and educational  interactive toy and accompanying web community for diabetic kids.

Kids Category Winner:

Safe Tube – An ingenious pulley system to make insulin pump tubing retractable.


FootSafe – A high-tech home scanner for diabetic foot damage. Easy to use and very powerful.

Highlighted Video Entries

Care Partner Program – Uses low-cost and user-friendly information technology to improve communication between patients, their clinical teams, and their networks of social support.

Diabetic Data Cloud – An open infrastructure for diabetic data to be shared among various platforms.

Glucapen – A new delivery system for injectable glucagon in the treatment of severe (emergency) hypoglycemia.

IDEAL Life – The first easy-to-use, customizable, FDA-approved glucose meter that allows diabetics to share important health information with their healthcare team.

iPump – Allows your PDA and pump/glucose monitoring systems to share data via Bluetooth technology.

InsuClick – Solution for short-term insulin infusion when you want to disconnect the cord from your pump.

Kardia – A small, attractive USB blood sugar testing device for children with diabetes.

Learn Diabetes – Both an educational game and a management system, designed to stimulate the every day lives of patients.

Multii – Combines a blood glucose monitor, an insulin pen and a portable sharps container into a single compact device.

Non-invasive ocular meter – A non-invasive blood glucose monitor that measures the refraction of laser light through the clear fluid in the front part of the eye to determine glucose levels.

Remora CGM – A Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) that’s fully integrated with the iPhone.

Sleep-O – An alarm device to prevent nighttime hypoglycemia by detecting moisture in the skin.

Super Glucometer – A meter with sophisticated algorithms to accurately predict your blood sugar every hour throughout the day.

TINTsulin – A recommendation for colored insulin, to avoid common delivery problems.

UTS Diabetes for iPhone – An iPhone app for diabetes record-keeping, and optional sharing of your results with your doctor, relatives, and friends.

Highlighted Paper Entries

Caress – A hand scanner that functions as a non-invasive glucose monitor.

Diabetic ToolBelt – An adjustable sports belt that carries your lancing device, meter, and supply pouch.

Drop BGe Monitor – A “high-fashion” blood glucose monitor using a sleek, OLED touch display.

Glucoluxe – Tiny, pretty earrings that can continuously monitor glucose levels.

GlyMetrix – An online game designed to teach patients about caring for themselves with diabetes.

GlycoGum – Specially formulated chewing gum that can detect elevated glucose levels.

GlycoLINK – A non-invasive glucose meter system in the form of a comfortable armband.

Happy Soles – Scans your feet for ulcers while you get a stimulating and health-promoting foot massage.

Mobile Phone Implantable Interface – A tiny wireless device implanted under the skin, that sends glucose readings to your iPhone.

Nike + D – An extension of the Nike+ product that scans feet for diabetic damage.

PicoSulin – An attractive insulin pump that uses easy-to-load insulin pen cartridges.

Steering Wheel Cover – A special medical ID design for your car that could save a life in an emergency.

Streamline – A highly portable and robust integrated glucose meter and insulin delivery device.

Sugar Free Footwear – Athletic shoes that can monitor your glucose via sweat.

Sugar WagerAn iPhone-based game that motivates patients with monetary rewards.

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