The DiabetesMine™ Innovation Project

DiabetesMine is more than a publication; we are patient advocates, working to help improve the tools and care available to make life with diabetes better.

Beginning in 2007, we launched a patient-led initiative for improved design of diabetes products, that began with an Open Letter to Steve Jobs.

That highly visible post helped us create the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, a first-of-its-kind open innovation competition that used crowdsourcing to call for new tools that could improve life with diabetes.

The big idea was giving patients a voice in the innovation process.

With widespread media coverage, the contest essentially launched a national campaign shining a spotlight on the need for improved design of tools for treating diabetes.

What started out as a homemade effort with just a few thousand dollars in prize money grew to an internationally recognized competition, generously funded by the California Healthcare Foundation and supported by our friends at the world-famous design firm IDEO.




We believed the next important step was to connect all the various “stakeholder” groups in diabetes – patients, HCPs, Pharma executives, designers, technology and regulatory experts and national advocacy organizations. Our idea was to gather these passionate people in one room for an unprecedented open dialogue, which would hopefully trigger further action. So began the annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford University.
2013 DiabetesMine Summit - Stanford
With the Design Challenge, we set out to achieve a change in culture – a shift to a more innovation-driven, consumer-aware approach to diabetes tools.

Another change in culture that’s happened in parallel (and enabled these efforts) is of course the transition to a social media-dominated world. This has offered patients a powerful channel for collective advocacy.

At DiabetesMine, our mission is to improve life with diabetes by acting as a catalyst for innovation.

To facilitate this, our “Innovation Project” is constantly being reinvented.

These pages showcase the efforts to date.

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Please watch our latest creation, based on submissions to the 2013 Patient Voices Contest, in which we crowdsourced patient needs:



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