Other Injectable Meds

Rumor Mill: OmniPods OK, Oculir Dies, Roche GLP-1 On the Way

Rumors will fly. They always do. Don’t ever think the world of health and medicine is any exception to that rule. Here are some details I’ve dug up on three that readers have run by me lately:
1) “On the CWD forums of late, a few people have been citing a failure rate of 20% for pods. Someone even said they were able to verify that with their Omnipod rep and that a manufacturing defect…

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Byetta Exceeding Expectations

Lots of buzz this week about Amylin, makers of Symlin and Byetta injectable blood-glucose stabilizers for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics respectively.
Actually, the CNN Money correspondent covering Amylin spent a good deal of time sitting right next to me, but since peering over the shoulder of journalists as they’re typing is a faux pas at best, I don’t have the financial scoop. What I can tell you is that the word among conference…

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