Regime Du Jour

A few notes today on what’s up with my personal diabetes regimen:
I restarted the Guardian RT continuous monitor a few days ago. I find that I have to take breaks because my poor belly is scarring up fast due to long-term OmniPod and other sensor wear. As a result, I’m getting many more frequent occlusion errors — which means a clog or blockage at the infusion site. In this case, it’s not a tubing…

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8-Month Checkup: Still Lovin’ It

Well it’s about 8 months, maybe almost 9, since I started pumping insulin using the tubeless Omnipod system. Many of you have sent queries wondering whether I’m still on it, and still happy? The answers are: yes and yes.
We all know there are no miracle cures. But I can honestly say that 1) pumping has changed my life, and 2) there’s no way I would be here right now, enjoying pumping, if it weren’t…

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OP FAQ — Strictly Personal

My Inbox continues to overflow with questions about the tube-free OmniPod insulin delivery system, which I’ve had the privilege of using for the last 5 months. So I figured I’d be economical about it and compile the answers here for public consumption:
Amy’s OmniPod FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) — A Strictly Personal Viewpoint:
Now that you’ve had several month’s experience with the Pod, how are you liking it?
Me loves it. I can’t tell you…

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