Pumped, on the OmniPod!

The day unimagined has arrived:  I am a pumper.  I am woman, I wear Pod.  I can’t believe I haven’t injected myself in 3 entire days! 
So far it’s so existence-altering, I hardly know where to begin…  In fact, I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm, so I don’t peter out too fast. Meaning I’m reserving my big Happy Dance for when I really start to see results.
But here’s how it went so far: On…

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Over the weekend I had a chance to meet with Insulet Corp. execs Jeff Smith and Rob Campbell (everyone’s in town, remember?)
We had a long talk about the functionality of their exciting new OmniPod tubeless pump and its current market status. The deal is that the OmniPod is — theoretically — available to patients now, but the company is still building out the infrastructure to actually support users around the country. Unlike other gadgets…

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Pump Without Tubing Coming Soon

This is why I am waiting a while to go on the pump: innovative new products making their way to market.
Rumor has it that Insulet Corp’s new OmniPod dual insulin delivery and BG monitoring system will be announced as available (via perscription) at the upcoming AADE annual diabetic educators’ conference, being held this year in Washington, DC, in mid-August.
The “pod” uses no tubing but rather is attached directly to the skin via a…

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