So… It’s officially been 5 weeks since I started on the OmniPod, and I finally tried it on my arm.  Armed.  Banded.  Armbanded.  Weird.
Already, I was so accustomed to wearing that box on my stomach that I startle each time I notice my empty abdomen: Where-oh-where has my pump gone?  Have I lost it?  Ah no, the shoulder. That’s right.  It did feel a little achy back there when I wasn’t looking.
Actually, the…

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Too Sexy for My… Pod?

So here it is.  One of the big perplexities of insulin pumping: Am I sexy with this thing on?  I know, I know, sexy is as sexy does.  But still…
As I mentioned the other day, a fellow OmniPod-er recently wrote to me:  “Somebody mentioned that (the pods) looked like ‘tumors’ and I just can’t get that image out of my mind.  I am concerned about their sex appeal even though my husband said he…

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Pumped, on the OmniPod!

The day unimagined has arrived:  I am a pumper.  I am woman, I wear Pod.  I can’t believe I haven’t injected myself in 3 entire days! 
So far it’s so existence-altering, I hardly know where to begin…  In fact, I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm, so I don’t peter out too fast. Meaning I’m reserving my big Happy Dance for when I really start to see results.
But here’s how it went so far: On…

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