CGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors)

GlucoDay and the “Semi-Invasive” Dream

Who’s ever heard of the GlucoDay® S semi-invasive continuous glucose monitor?
I didn’t think so. I picked up a hint from a medblogger’s footnote. Then I found it described over at DiabetesMall, although the link to the product on the manufacturer’s site doesn’t seem to be working.
That manufacturer would be A.Menarini Diagnostics, Italy’s largest pharmaceutical R&D company, which released the GlucoDay across Europe a year ago (or two? — I’ve had no luck getting…

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Regime Du Jour

A few notes today on what’s up with my personal diabetes regimen:
I restarted the Guardian RT continuous monitor a few days ago. I find that I have to take breaks because my poor belly is scarring up fast due to long-term OmniPod and other sensor wear. As a result, I’m getting many more frequent occlusion errors — which means a clog or blockage at the infusion site. In this case, it’s not a tubing…

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Guardian vs. DexCom, and More CGM Smarts

First off, I wanted to clear up any misconceptions about my perspective on Medtronic’s Guardian RT continuous glucose monitoring system versus the DexCom. Many of you came away from my first post with the impression that I prefer the DexCom (Seven). Not true. So far I’m finding the Guardian easier to use and more accurate than the Dex. A few details to elaborate:

* I find the Guardian much less fussy to wear and use.…

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MiniLinked! My Turn with the Guardian RT

So I’m hooked up… I finally got my chance to try Medtronic’s MiniMed Guardian RT, the only other continuous glucose monitoring system currently on the market besides the DexCom. I am one of the few who’s had the chance to sample both. So far, it’s been a somewhat bumpy beginning, which leads me to believe that my initial conclusion was spot-on: CGM is a great idea that’s still in its infancy and not quite ready…

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