The Case of the Pump Case

The Deltec people (henceforth to be known under the name of their parent company, Smiths Medical), who make the highly appealing CozMore pump/monitoring system, hosted a series of intimate dinners at the ADA Conference last weekend to present a “state of the technology” address to their valued contacts. I was lucky enough to attend one. (What? I’m a prime prospect for them!)
The conversation quickly turned to the less-than-stellar Cozmo pump case. “Yeah, we really…

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Product Roundup: Continuous Monitors (in the Holding Pen), Convenience Enhancers

*ADA Conference News*
With over 150 companies going all out to showcase the latest and greatest here, I was surprised to hear many conference attendees expressing disappointment not to see anything “earth-shattering” on the new technology front this year. Nevertheless, three continuous monitoring products, currently in the holding pen awaiting FDA approval, look promising:
* DexCom was showing off its new Continuous Monitor, featuring a long-term implantable sensor half the size of a triple-A battery,…

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Too Pretty to Save My Life?

Diabetes Anniversary Present to self: a beee-uuutiful new medical alert bracelet from The Beadin’ Beagle that will “alert the medics without alerting the fashion police.” But will it?!

Take a look. (Nice, ay?)
But could it be too pretty? Should I pass out in an accident, would any paramedic (or anybody else) think to examine those charming multi-colored beads on my arm for evidence that I may suffer from a life-threatening disease? Considering that the…

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The Elusive Value of Symlin

As noted, I’m not so interested in the worth -– or market potential –- of this new drug from Amylin Pharmaceuticals as I am in the actual value to patients. I was initially excited and intrigued by this first new offering to help Type 1 diabetics since insulin in the 1920s. Yet after querying several doctors and a number of patients who chose to stay on Symlin after participating in a study, I must say…

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Amylin’s Symlin Not so Hot?

The FDA approval of Symlin is making big headlines, and last week I had a bunch of relatives contact me, as they tend to do, when something new and “hot” appears on the diabetes scene. The drug is targeted toward Type 1 diabetics who don’t achieve good BG control despite insulin treatments. It was apparently 18 years in the making, and is the first new drug to be marketed to Type 1 diabetics since insulin…

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