Exubera "Bong" OK for Older Folks?

That is the question -- despite the high-tech "Learning Center" with a live demonstrator and fancy large-screen video presentation of a guy happily inhaling his Exubera in a restaurant. Because for any PWD with an actual social life, Exubera inhaled insulin is looking like a bomb. As I told the reps at the ADA conference frankly, the science behind it IS revolutionary, and we PWDs are grateful for strides in alternative insulin delivery, of course!…

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ADA Product Roundup 2006

As you know, I'm focused on insulin-related gadgets and "life-changers." Here's a roundup of what's (more or less) new and certainly exciting:
* DexCom Wireless Continuous Monitor -- seemed a bit like the "coming out party" for the company's first-ever wireless continuous glucose monitor. Seeing it up close and personal, I was more impressed than ever with the tiny sensor worn on the tummy. And Kelly was right, their marketing WAS incredible: a huge screen…

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Manna from Chocolate Heaven

not usually one to plug products. But every once in a while, something
comes along that is too fabulous to keep to yourself. This time, Kathy
Moskal, president of Vere Goods, wrote to me about her product after reading of
my diabetes/gluten-related chocolate
laments. She was kind enough to send me some samples, and I must say, I
feel like I've found Healthy Dark Chocolate Nirvana.
is a chocolate product that's a natural…

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Your Medical History on a Stick

Thinking it over, my last post didn't really do justice to those USB flash drives specially designed to let you carry your medical records with you. (In Germany they call them "Sticks," while a cell phone is called a "Handy" ... pragmatic language)
Considering that we PWDs are constantly told to carry our full medical records along with us when we travel, the idea of putting it all on a tiny little stick is actually…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 6: Super Diabetic Dude

This is, like, straight out of the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, what? (a Book Club fav of mine). If you like superheroes, or just real-life diabetes heroes, read this:

Hi Amy,

My name is Chris Cracolice I am 49 years old and have had diabetes for 45
of those years. I remember growing up with diabetes and how it not only affected
me physically but mentally as well.
One of the most vivid…

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