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All About the Healthcare Blogosphere: A Word with Fard Johnmar

Back in April, a communications consultancy called Envision Solutions released the first-ever formal analysis of the healthcare blogosphere, a thoroughly researched 110-page report on who’s blogging, why, and what it all means. Founder and blogger Fard Johnmar was at the helm. DiabetesMine (that’s me!) was fortunate enough to correspond with Mr. Johnmar during the research phase, and caught up with him again recently to “pick his brains” on the project and what it divulged.

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The Other End of PR

As many of you probably know by now, I worked in technology PR and marketing for many years. Now that I’m an independent writer, I find it strange and amusing to experience PR from the other end: I get quite a few cute “pitches” from agencies I know quite well from the old days, such as:
* Dannon yogurt – an email asking me to “review” the latest type of yogurt, which is oh-so-good for…

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THANK YOU + Kerri Morrone Sweeps the Diabetes Blog Awards

Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe and I have tied for the title of “Best Diabetes Blog” in the First Annual OC Awards announced last night. Thank you all!

(Apologies that I dropped out of the awards ceremony early on; my Internet connection was acting up, while I had a house full of hungry guests and screaming kids…)
Anyway, kudos to the poetic Kerri for sweeping the awards, also winning the titles of “Best Adult with Type…

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Diabetes Podcasts

GOT AUDIO? It seems that the first-ever dedicated Diabetes Podcast service made its debut this summer, when Type 1 diabetic Christel Marchand and associates launched Diabeticfeed — a great weekly program of news and diabetes info. Last week dLife announced its own, extensive dLife Podcast program featuring host Janis Roszler interviewing an array of diabetes experts and celebrities.
Wow! We really have arrived. Specialized programming for people with diabetes is now available via nearly every…

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