Health 2.0

And Did I Mention…? More Health 2.0

This whole Health 2.0 movement I’ve been talking about could be defined simply as the current “explosion of new personal health technologies.” Which is exciting on its own. But there’s more to it. In fact, the experts are grappling over a larger definition indicating “a complete renaissance in the way that healthcare is actually delivered.”
Things are changing, Folks, so keep your eyes peeled.
One thing that was clear at the Health 2.0 conference last…

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BusinessWeek Covers “Designing for Diabetics”

Score another point for Health 2.0! Meaning, in this case, that the voice of the patient community is resounding, all the way to the Innovation Dept. of BusinessWeek.
Check out this feature article that went live last night, called “DESIGNING FOR DIABETICS.”
The mainstream media (MSM) got whiff of our whole push for improved medical product design, i.e. our campaign to get the vendors to “provide diabetics with equipment that fits as seamlessly into their…

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The Future Of (Is) Health on the Net

It felt like the early days of the Internet, when a bunch of seemingly delirious companies were all hyped up about something called “eCommerce” — the then-stunning concept that people might actually conduct end-to-end shopping transactions on the Net, from browsing products to paying and delivery. Who would’ve thought?
So if some of the new stuff debuted at yesterday’s forward-looking Health 2.0 conference sounds dubious to you now, take a deep breath and keep an…

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Where HealthCare Meets Web 2.0

Today Iā€™m at the Health 2.0 Conference here in San Francisco, the first gathering of its kind: over 400 entrepreneurs, investors, analysts, media and other industry insiders have convened to discuss what happens when old world healthcare meets new world Web 2.0. The event is sponsored by Silicon Valley icon Cisco Systems, and representatives of Google, Yahoo! and other Web heavyweights all have speakers on the program.

You might wonder what this is all about,…

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More Chronic Friends + Call for Submissions

A few miscellaneous items you might like to know about over the holiday weekend. Or not — what, you won’t be glued to your computer reading me?!
First up, Quote of the Week:
“Exubera was not our finest day,” acknowledged Pfizer’s vice chairman, David Shedlarz, during a recent conference call with analysts. “We made a lot of mistakes with what is a profoundly important therapeutic.” (courtesy of PharmaGossip)
Can you see me smiling?
Second, did…

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