Health 2.0

Toot, Toot

Can you hear my horn tootin’? Some good stuff (most of it mine that I’d like to plug today:
* My latest dLife column, Straight Up with Amy, welcomes you to the Health 2.0 movement. In fact, if you’re reading this post on, then you’re part of the movement, whether you know it or not. You are helping to change the world of healthcare just by being here, so thank you!
* A conversation…

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Express-Checkout Diabetes Care?

I wonder, does your local shopping mall or drugstore contain a so-called Retail Clinic — a mini-health clinic where nurse practitioners provide walk-in treatment for very basic health issues? I haven’t experienced one in my neighborhood, but I am told there are now more than 500 around the country, in stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and CVS, with forecasts of more than 1,500 coming by the end of 2008.

Some of the leading chains are MinuteClinic,…

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“Microsoft Wants Your Health Records”

Just a note to flag the big online health news of the day: Microsoft has officially launched its new consumer health management platform, HealthVault — “a trusted place to store your personal health information,” complete with a specialized health search engine.
The service is designed “to help patients coordinate disparate pieces of health-care information, from lab results and prescription records to X-rays and daily blood pressure and allergy readings.”
This morning, BusinessWeek, The New York…

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Health 2.0: The Movement

Here’s the conference intro / wrap-up video on the recent Health 2.0 event in San Francisco. I am not posting this because I like to see myself on camera, believe you me. Because honestly, I think I look yucky on camera these days (you heard me — yucky! — pale with dark circles and all that).
But this short V-report from ICYou (the new “YouTube of Healthcare”) sums up the conference and the movement that…

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And Did I Mention…? More Health 2.0

This whole Health 2.0 movement I’ve been talking about could be defined simply as the current “explosion of new personal health technologies.” Which is exciting on its own. But there’s more to it. In fact, the experts are grappling over a larger definition indicating “a complete renaissance in the way that healthcare is actually delivered.”
Things are changing, Folks, so keep your eyes peeled.
One thing that was clear at the Health 2.0 conference last…

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