Health 2.0

2007: Diabetes Year in Review

Happy Holidays, everyone! ‘Tis the season for cocktail parties, and roundups of the closing year, no? I was feeling a little overwhelmed about attempting “the roundup” this year, so I decided to ask you all to get involved. To me, it seems that if 2007 is remembered for anything, it will be as the birth year of Health 2.0, the rise of Social Media and its conjunction with health and healthcare offerings on the web.…

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Web Tools for the Sandwich Generation

Something else to share with you while I’m tip-toeing around the topic of “getting old“:
When my brother and I were both in college, and our poor Mom was running herself ragged taking care of her aging parents while working full-time, she kept making references to “the sandwich generation” — people caught between raising and supporting their children and caring for aging parents or other relatives. What a hectic life they lead. Now that I’m…

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A Cornucopia of Patient Sites

There are so many new and colorfully wrapped health/patient web sites popping up all over the Net that I’m feeling positively showered. It’s almost like Christmas! (or a very bountiful Hanukkah, depending on your perspective, of course
I’m going to share a quick overview of the latest Health 2.0 sites that have come my way lately, in no particular order. I’m sure there are many more to be unwrapped, so feel free to post a…

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eMedTV on Diabetic Plaque

Just to clarify, that common enemy that all of us with diabetes face is really plaque. No really. Sticky plague that builds up in your blood vessels and causes all of those nasty complications. Watch the inaugural video from the newest online health channel for the scoop:

Isn’t it telling that they chose to feature DIABETES in their launch video? Not just because November happens to be National Diabetes Awareness Month, I’m sure, but…

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Health 2.0 Conference 2.0: ePatients Wanted

The next Health 2.0 Conference here on the West Coast is in the works, and it’s all about us patients!
They’re calling this one “Spring Fling,” taking place on March 4, 2008, at the Westin hotel in San Diego, CA. The Big Idea is “Connecting Consumers and Providers.” I’m excited to report that I’m scheduled to run a flagship panel about patients using Health 2.0 technologies for community and self-care. Cool!
“At the Fall event,…

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