Suddenly Celiac

Back in 2003, when I was diagnosed, nobody seemed to know anything much about the connection between Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Or at least it wasn’t mainstream, certainly not for my doctors at the time. Celiac is of course and intolerance to gluten, a composite of proteins contained in wheat, rye and barley. Having it therefore means eating no foods that contain those grains. Picture that!
But my point was that suddenly, I…

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“Mystery Carbs” Question of the Day

We like to think we’ve got a handle on this carb-counting thing. But the truth is, most of us have very little clue — not least because nutrition labels on packaged products are so darn confusing. One of our beta testers over at the new community recently posted this query:
When I’m counting carbs I often read the “category” of carbs that are in the food I’m eating (i.e. Dietary Fiber, Sugar, Other Carbohydrates, etc.).…

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Teaching Patients to Carb-Count

I always find it fascinating to have a window into diabetes “from the other side” — i.e. what doctors and healthcare providers are doing and talking about. Something that caught my eye in the latest issue of the AADE’s journal, The Diabetes Educator: a new 10-step guide to teaching carbohydrate counting, called (oh so cleverly!) C-O-U-N-T C-A-R-B-S.
It’s apparently a program to help nurses teach diabetes patients diet tactics with more confidence, which is “shown…

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