Life with Diabetes

Free Gifts with Diabetes

What did you get? Let’s see, mine came with a thyroid disorder and severe allergic reactions that turned out to be gluten intolerance. So now on top of the carb-counting and the shots, I’m limited to wheat-free foods, which is a whole other world of complexity, since so much “normal” food is glutinous. Are we having fun yet?!
I’m finding out how common it is for us folks with one organ-specific autoimmune disease to develop…

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Stem Cell Hero

Bob Klein is a San Francisco lawyer and housing developer whose teenage son has Type 1 diabetes. This man is giving his all for the cause of furthering stem cell research. He’s profiled in today’s SF Chronicle. It sounds like advocacy has essentially taken over his life: “He admits that his obsession with stem cells leaves scant time for home life these days, but insists the sacrifice will pay off if stem cell research can…

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Getting Sloppy, Cute

Too much blogging, I guess. I’m running in the
200’s in the late afternoons. And by the time I check, it’s close to dinner,
and I’m fudging the correction factor and snacking while rushing around to feed
the little people. Aack!
My Endo had a look at the blog. He thought it was
“cute.” Mmm… let’s SKIP the blood pressure
check today……

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From the Mailbag: Comedy, D-Shirts, and Lack of Pumps

Among those emailing me this week out of pure interest, and/or requesting plugs (I’m always up for a good cause!) are:
* Shawn Lesser of Showcase Comedy in Atlanta, GA, running a “laughs campaign” to raise $100,000 for diabetes in 80 days.
* Gina from DiabetesTalkFest reminding us that voting has begun on the Diabetes T-shirt slogan contest. Click here to vote before April 30.

–> If you’re in the New York area, Gina also…

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Continuous Monitoring: The Next Big Thing

Working in the fast-paced technology industry as I do, I just can’t fathom why they haven’t yet come up with a viable device to continuously monitor blood glucose levels. I mean something you wear on your ankle, or wrist, or ear lobe, you know? OK, they tried the wrist with the GlucoWatch, but that was a burnout –- literally -– because it hurt patients’ skin and proved inaccurate.
But with all our hopes for islet…

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