Life with Diabetes

ADA Poster News: Glucose Meter Memories Fail the Help Test

One entire section of the ADA Conference Expo is set aside every year for hundreds of oversized research posters that companies and clinics use to summarize their latest research results. Not particularly decorative posters, but sheets from 3-by-4-feet all the way up to 4′x8′ packed with diagrams and numerical data. If you can stand to decipher them, they’re fascinating. Since I was on the hunt for accuracy data on new continuous glucose monitors, I ventured…

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Insulin in a Pill?

Why don’t we have insulin in
a pill? Because the stomach digests it
before it gets into the bloodstream. Pharmaceutical companies have long been working to overcome this
barrier, but until now, the little bit that made it into the bloodstream was
insufficient to make a difference. Until
now… maybe, hopefully! Clinical trial
results on a new insulin pill called Intesulin
have just been released showing that it is 60-70% as effective as injected

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Live from the Biggest Event in Diabetes, 2006

Reader Alert: Visit ADA Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Dr. Richard Kahn’s blog, for drug industry news and “official” coverage of the conference presentations. For the uncensored and totally unofficial scoop, read on. (Plus note that I didn’t get this posted last night due to a snafu with the Internet connection at my @#$! hotel, which never happens to Mr. Kahn, I’m sure)
Wash, DC, June 9, 2006 — So here I am among the…

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