Life with Diabetes

Showdown Time

Stem cell research and universal health insurance are slamming through the headlines this week, ay? 
First off, the Democrats are “staging a second showdown” over use of embryonic stem cells, pushing for expanded taxpayer-funded research using the controversial cells.  According to the Associated Press, polls show that a majority of Americans support embryonic stem cell research — and Democrats insist that the public demanded action by casting ballots for stem cell supporters in the November…

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Squeeze A Little Lime On It

Heavenly comes to mind, but doesn’t quite do our week justice.  Let’s call it Tropical Paradise WKND (with kids, no diapers).  Honestly, it was our first vacation in 9-1/2 years without pampers, wet wipes, strollers, or nap times.  We swam in the sparkling ocean and basked in the glorious sunshine.  We kayaked and snorkled and hiked a little (straining not to faint in the sticky heat) and drank cocktails before noon.  We ate spicey grilled…

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What Makes You Think I’m Brave?

It’s happened many times over, and again yesterday. I just don’t understand it, really.  Some less-intimate friend or acquaintance catches me poking my finger to draw blood, and/or screwing a needle onto my insulin pen and stabbing myself in the stomach, and points out how very brave I am.  What did you say?!
One certainly can find many colorful adjectives to describe me, but “brave” is not one of them.  I am certifiably as Chicken-Shit…

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Happy New Year, All!  I do wish you everything good and healthful and positive in 2007.
In all honesty, I’ve been suffering from a bad case of writer’s block when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions… What should I vow?  That I will be a better person?  A better diabetic?  More tuned in to this task or that?  I’m just too darned pragmatic for all that bravado.  And besides, I already have more balls in…

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“Teetering On A Balance Beam”

The New York Times is at it again, with yet another in-depth and provocative feature story on what it means to live with diabetes.  This one focuses on discrimination on the job: “Diabetics Confront a Tangle of Workplace Laws.”
Besides the disturbing stories of people with diabetes who’ve lost jobs at everyplace from mortgage firms to UPS to a Texas baked bean plant, what really struck me was this statement:

“Diabetics can find themselves teetering…

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