Life with Diabetes

Januvia Smackdown

Get your ringside seats, Folks! A while back I posted about the Merck’s new Type 2 oral drug Januvia (What It Doesn’t Do), explaining how it apparently trumps competitors in terms of patient “tolerability.” No other post has ever generated such ongoing reader energy, both positive and negative. Nearly every day, several new commentors weigh in, duking it out the relative merits of Januvia.
Most everyone seems to agree that Januvia reduces appetite, which is…

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Charmr Update: People Are Talking

You could say we’ve spurred a national debate here with the patient-led push for improved diabetes technology. But the term “debate” implies argument, and happily, most people seem to agree that “more is more”: the more attention paid to developing better technology, the more often better technology will be developed.

Check out this blogosphere/media coverage of Adaptive Path’s answer to my call for cooler diabetes devices:
NPR’s Future Tense
JDRF Artificial…

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NEWS FLASH: SF Design Firm Unveils the Diabetes “Charmr”

While Apple is touting their new iLife, I’m positively tickled to announce that an alternate organization on the cutting edge of consumer design has taken up my challenge to Steve Jobs to develop a diabetes management device that blows our socks off. In terms of sleek design and unprecedented ease-of-use, that is.
The company is San Francisco-based design agency Adaptive Path, a small but creative powerhouse that’s accomplished some eye-popping redesigns for the likes of…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 16 — WANTED: Strength and Acceptance

A heartfelt welcome once again to the Diabetic Partner Follies, a sharing place for partners of peopleĀ  with diabetes (PWDs). This week, we hear from Cheryl in Washington state, who’s had a long and happy marriage with her Type 1 husband. But the disease has certainly been frustrating, calling upon both partners to muster up almost more strength and acceptance than they thought possible. As I read this, I knew just what Cheryl meant. I…

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AADE in Pictures

I’m a lousy on-site photographer, but I must admit, some stuff’s just better seen than read.
Darn! I missed this session. Thought I might sit in the back hacking profusely

That’s dLife CEO Howard Steinberg and TeamType1 Captain Phil Southerland schmoozing in the dLife booth.

Makin’ friends…

TeamType1′s lone woman, Monique Hanley from Melbourne, Australia. You go, Girl!

Some unexpected products…

High hopes…

… and the most unpopular booth at the show …

(which no…

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