Life with Diabetes

CGM: Waiting for Godot

More thoughts on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) here: Like you, I anxiously await the mainstreaming of this utopia of diabetes management.
It’s great to see progress, like European approval of Abbott’s much-hailed Navigator system, and FDA approval of a seven-day-wear version for DexCom. (The company will host an open conference call to discuss the new product on Monday, June 11, at 1:30pm Pacific.)
As noted yesterday, however, I believe the benefits of CGM aren’t quite…

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When Things Get Ugly

It saddens and upsets me to have to write this. But I have to write this. Despite our community’s outrage over the Doug Burns’ hypoglycemia case, there are times when the lines between “medical condition” and wrongdoing are not so clear…
Two local diabetic drivers here in the San Francisco Bay Area were recently involved in separate car accidents in which people were killed. Both drivers were experiencing insulin shock at the time.

Both drivers…

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Aiming for Grace

A little something for your art collection this weekend (courtesy of the LeRoy Gallery). One of my fave fellow D-bloggers, at Aiming for Grace, writes this week about the delicate dance of body and mind that this disease requires — and how we sometimes stumble more than we would like. Trying to get it “right,” and the ramifications of “wrong.” This image reminded me that we are all, in our own fashion, aiming for grace…

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Breakfast Cereal: A Case Study in Bad PR

Oh joy, I just received an emailed press release from a major PR agency that represents Kellogg’s cereals, announcing that a new study confirms: “People Who Eat a Daily Cereal Breakfast Maintain a Healthier Weight.” And what do you know? This study (published in the Nutrition Bulletin, June 2007) was sponsored by the Kellogg Company itself!
With all the current discussion on best-practices and proper etiquette for healthcare PR, where the f*** have these people…

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OmniPod: The IOB Issue

As a follow-up to my latest OmniPod report, I have done some homework on the Insulin on Board (IOB) issue. Of course, I couldn’t let this go
It turns out I opened a big can of worms, ’cause this feature is highly complex.
First I queried Insulet Corp. on why they made their IOB (aka BOB for “bolus on board”) function work the way it does: it currently shows only insulin delivered as a correction…

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