Life with Diabetes

Saving Insulin’s History

It’s a piece of Canadian history about to be lost… but also one that underscores the lives of millions of people all over the world, who wouldn’t be here today without the work of Banting and Best and their remarkable discovery …

                                                                      A little background, from Canada’s Prairie Preacher:  In 1921, Canadian researcher Dr. Fredrick Banting, and his assistant Charles Best discovered the process to extract insulin from the islets of langerhans in the human…

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Design Matters

For those of us who live with diabetes devices every day, this is so NOT NEWS.  But somehow the folks in medical R&D haven’t entirely picked up on the concept that medical gadgetry needs to be sleek and convenient, and OMG — maybe even cool-looking. We LIVE with this stuff day-in and day-out, for God’s sake.
Why is it that Apple can spend millions designing the perfect — and perfectly aesthetic — little machine just…

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Very Brief GlucoBand Update

The GlucoBand lives!  I was able to contact the company, Calisto Medical, today.  Hoorah!  An unnamed executive was willing to share the following and nothing else:
1)  The product is still in development, and being carefully studied for effectiveness.
2)  They are now targetting the end of 2007 for potential widespread availability.
3) They’re hoping to make the product affordable enough for every average patient. (As you know, insurance reimbursement always lags on new products…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 14: Caring without Mothering Him

Today, another installment of the Diabetic Partner Follies — where partners of PWDs have their chance to speak out — brings us yet another new perspective on life beside the people who’ve got the ‘betes.  Janet writes that she’s delighted to have discovered the Follies, and after 20 years with her Type 1 husband, will have a lot to add.  She starts off with much emotion, and an exploration of the inherent female conflict of…

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Dr. J Does dLife & Carnival for a Cure

A lot going on this coming Sunday (March 11), so set your Tivo and mark your calendar and all that!
First, my kind and highly knowledgeable co-author Dr. Richard Jackson will appear on dLife TV this week.  That’s on CNBC Sunday 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific.  Dr. Jackson is Medical Director of Joslin’s highly successful DO IT (Diabetes Outpatient Intensive Treatment) program — an intensive 3-1/2 day seminar program that combines teaching and training with…

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