Life with Diabetes

AARP Asked Me to Post This

Because AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is cooler than you think. Or at least, that’s what their new blogger Jill Greenberg claims.
I have no idea how old Jill is, but in my head, I ran screaming from her email, shouting: “I am so too young for this!” But then I regrouped and remembered, it won’t be all that long. So I ought be glad that the AARP has adopted a new(ish) motto: “Rethink…

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Reviewing the Literature on SMBG

Last Friday I received my chunky copy of the Nov/Dec issue of “The Diabetes Educator,” the AADE’s professional journal, and discovered a comprehensive 18-page article on the topic, “Does Patient Blood Glucose Monitoring Improve Diabetes Control? A Systematic Review of the Literature.”
First reaction: Wow. I can’t believe the professional community is still asking itself this question.
Second reaction: Wow. Detailed charts of the results of 29 different studies, and the major conclusions are –…

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I’ll Drink to That

More Monday Madness, designed by reader Courtney Benefiel of Riding for a Cure:
Who said “vodka cures everything?”

Still, for your evening cocktail, a few things to toast on today:
Lilly and Novo see the light (?)
Big Pharma’s Gilded Age to End Abruptly (?)
Avandia hits the Top 10
Glucoboy for Christmas (!)…

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A Bit of “Grinchiness”

Dear Birdie over at Aiming for Grace has unwittingly coined a new term: “grinchiness.” Here it is still early December and she’s dreading the Holidays — “feeling a low grade tension and resentment and grinchiness about the weeks of treats and temptation ahead.”
Birdie explains that she’s “kind of hating the fact that the impending holidays are all about sweets and food and sugary excess. I get the traditions and the cultural reasons why we…

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