Life with Diabetes

A Couple of Winners

Hooray for readers! I hear a lot from you all, but don’t often get a chance to put faces with names.
But now two of the winners of our recent “Code Word for Low” contest have been kind enough to share photos of themselves with their extraordinary prizes (those Tshirts
Rich Willett of Estero, FL

Winning entry: his vision of SuperBowl commercials featuring hypoglycemic comedians writhing on the floor yelling “LOW!”
Note: I wished for…

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Living Without

This month, I’ve actually faced one the biggest health challenges of my life. And it had nothing to do with my own body. My littlest girl, who just turned 5 at the end of October, was experiencing chronic stomach pains, so the doctor suggested — in light of my own wheat allergy — that we try her on a gluten-free diet.
It’s one thing to deny yourself all the “normal” foods and goodies that other…

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Lucky Number Seven

I’ve been tagged at least twice for the latest meme: seven random things about yourself. These memes seem to go round and round, and I’m not sure how much you all really want to know about how quirky I am. But here goes…
1) My first “real job” in high school was at McDonald’s. After that, it was a local drug store/gift shop, where I was actually fired for insubordination, after pointing out the absurdity…

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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Who caught this bit in Newsweek earlier this month:
“During the time Andrew S. Grove spent at Intel, the computer chip company he co-founded, the number of transistors on a chip went from about 1,000 to almost 10 billion. Over that same period, the standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease went from L-dopa to . . . L-dopa.”
“Grove (who beat prostate cancer 12 years ago and now suffers from Parkinson’s) thinks there is something deeply…

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