Life with Diabetes

Some Good News on Diabetes & Depression

The first-ever known study to examine the relationship between diabetes and mortality in a so-called “depression intervention trial” appears in the December issue of Diabetes Care. And why should you care? Because the results are pretty significant.
Of 584 people in the study — all seniors aged 60 and up — those receiving treatment for their depression were found to be HALF AS LIKELY TO DIE during the five-year follow-up interval, versus the depressed patients…

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From the Mailbag: Diabetes and the Single Life

A wonderfully candid letter from a kindred spirit, which appeared in my mailbox last week:
Dear Amy,
I totally related to your November 26th post about feeling “displaced” as an adult with type 1 diabetes. So much is said about adults with type 2 and children with type 1—and more recently children with type 2—that we grown-up type 1s seem to fall last on the list. I would LOVE to attend a camp or other…

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New Red Wine Pill and Other Drug Notes

Lots of drug news coming out of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference here in San Francisco last week. Among the presenters were Amylin, DexCom, Insulet (OmniPod), MannKind (developing inhalable insulin), and Biodel (developing fast-acting Viaject insulin).
The most intriguing news seems to come from Sirtris Pharmacueticals, a startup based in Cambridge, MA, that’s testing a new diabetes drug made from red wine. No kidding! Hey, if lizard spit can turn out to be effective, Cabernet…

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2007, Abbreviated

Taking a cue from Allison via Kerri, I’ve gone and dug up the opening lines from one significant post in each month of 2007. What a neat way to look back on the closing year!

January: Down on Big Pharma? You are not alone.
February: Lots of press recently about Merck’s brand spankin’ new Type 2 diabetes drug, Januvia.
March: Some very sad news today, I’m afraid.
April: Big news this week, Folks. Apple Inc.…

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A 5-Letter Dirty Word for Women

That would be R-E-L-A-X, according to the lab technician who performed my annual mammogram yesterday morning. Of course, it’s not easy to relax when you feel like your naked breast is being slammed in a refrigerator door, but her overall point is still well-taken.
Women these days are trying to do and be everything. As 2008 ramps up, I’m feeling the crunch. Let’s take a quick inventory of what’s going on in my life: 5…

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