Life with Diabetes

Meet Ranae Whitmore: “Heartgirl” Who Transformed Her Life

Attention, please: This lady knows how it’s done. If you don’t think you can lose weight, get healthy, and turn your life around, read this…
I met Ranae Whitmore at the recent Health 2.0 conference. She was there because she is an example of the most amazing Health 2.0 success story you can imagine. In the last 20 months, this 52-year-old Red Cross employee from Iowa managed to transform herself from morbidly obese and dejected…

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Eat Your Greens

They keep telling us we should eat lots of veggies and fruit. Obviously, veggies are better — if you don’t want to spike your blood sugar, that is (D’OH). Well, I don’t eat nearly as many servings of greens per day as I ought to. And don’t pretend you do, either.
So what are our options then? Disguise the stuff? No, I mean like the celebs do, hiding them inside other foods that seem more…

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Grace, Achieved

Who knows Birdie? Who loves her like I do? Her blog, Aiming for Grace, always offers a combination of the most compelling images and simple words about living with diabetes that stop you in your tracks. It’s the purity of the them that gets you. For example, this recent post about the compulsion to explain ourselves to perfect strangers.
Well, when Birdie marked 20 years of living with Type 1 diabetes in March 2006, she…

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Your Chronic Condition — In Comics :)

My friends at HealthCentral Network understand the value of a smile when it comes to living with compromised health.
Thus, they’re creating a new series of personal health stories in comic strip format. And they’ve done mine to kick off the diabetes series! Based on the recent Newsweek article about me…
Check this out:
(Click on the image to be re-routed to the full comic version over at HealthCentral)

Gee, I look younger in comics…

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Scandal at JDRF!

Today, a shocking revelation about the JDRF: two employees have been caught embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars, the New York Times reports. This is pretty well the worst news I have heard since my diagnosis with diabetes four years ago.
Imagine the fireworks! All those parents killing themselves to raise money for JDRF, striving to fund research toward a cure. All those dedicated walkers and cyclists doing the same. And all the rest of…

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