Life with Diabetes

Stem Cell Cure for Diabetic Mice, Suicide Genes, etc.

Lots of buzz last week about that exciting development in stem cell therapy: Novocell researchers in San Diego, CA, managed to control diabetes in mice using human embryonic stem cells. A first! Validating the concept that embryonic stem cells can be coaxed into becoming insulin-producing islet cells right inside a living organism — rather than simply in a petri dish.

So how far off are we, really, from making this happen in humans?
Yesterday I…

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Food: the Final Frontier

Last weekend we were hiking with some friends — former colleagues actually, who haven’t seen us in a long time. Hoping to make it a “diabetes-free day,” I tried to give the woman an ultra-quick synopsis of what I’m doing these days.
“A diabetes blog? So you write about diet? ”
“Well no, hardly ever, actually.”
“What? It’s not about food? I would have thought that would have been the central theme,” she said.

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10 Little-Known Facts About Your Immune System

I honestly thought that with Type 1 diabetes, my immune system was shot to hell. But my husband and oldest daughter always get sick faster and longer than I do. Somehow I seem to fight off “bugs” better than they do. How can this be?
Curious as ever, I spent a little time looking into the human immune system and found some pretty intriguing trivia, compiled here for your reading pleasure:
1) Type 1 diabetes…

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Whittling It Down

The thing most elusive to people without diabetes is how much constant work it is, I find. When others see me using a lancet or pushing buttons on my pump and react with that ooh! look, I feel like shouting: “It’s no big deal, I do this more than a dozen times a day! Every day of my life!!” So why isn’t my @#$! glucose control perfect?
As recently noted, there are just too many…

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Wanted: “Cultural Competence” in Diabetes Care

We all know how important it is to feel like you “click” with your diabetes doctor or educator. Things never go well if the individual you’re seeing doesn’t seem to “get you.” Now imagine that they didn’t speak the same native language, and had absolutely no sense of your lifestyle, diet, mentality, or aesthetic preferences. In other words, you were being treated by someone utterly unfamiliar with your culture. How could you possibly discuss a…

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