Life with Diabetes

Where Career and Autoimmune Disease Meet

If ever two things were once considered mutually exclusive, they were career and chronic illness. Add to that being a woman and the whole thing sounded like a joke. Well, we’ve come a long way, Baby.
According to Rosalind Joffe of and her business partner Joan Friedlander, there are millions of women out there succeeding in the workplace despite living with an autoimmune disease (AD). Specifically, as many as 50 million Americans — 20%…

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On Good Advice and Lasting Mantras

I read so many articles and blog posts on health and diabetes and technology and business that sometimes my head just spins.  But it usually doesn’t take too long for some sort of theme to congeal for me — some thought thread that connects to my life and inevitably to this exasperating health condition that permeates it.  This past week, the thread that emerged was words to live by.
Fortune magazine ran a cover article…

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