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Comments are Open: Try It You’ll Like It

The Typepad people assure me that the problems with posting comments here are all cleared up. Hooray! Now’s your chance to speak up. Remember, no need to be profound: just chime right in!
One of my more shy readers (who worries he’s “not blogworthy” — pisha!) has emailed me with a long list of interesting feedback on recent posts. With just a little arm-twisting, I got him to agree to let me post it. So…

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Words AND Images

Some of you may have noticed that I have mastered the skill of posting both words and images here on my blog. What an Internet Wizardess I’ve become! Yet another enhancement for which I can thank the diabetes! In any case, I had a rough day yesterday — involving battery acid on my favorite jeans! and lots of small children covered head-to-toe in homemade “schlud” (schloppy mud, they tell me), and some of those kids…

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dLife on Sex and Scallops

I wanted to mention that we finally caught the dLife show this past Sunday afternoon (usually a challenging time for us to get in front of the TV). It wasn’t half bad! I was pretty down on the premiere, I admit, but this episode was more lively and interesting by far.
They talked openly about sex (which will liven up any show!), and emphasized the importance of partner communication when it comes to diabetic “issues”…

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Diabetic Cyclists “Strive for 6.5”

Now THIS is a cool way to deal with your diabetes and help others at the same time. Check out TEAM TYPE 1. Phil Southerland and Joe Elridge are college students in Georgia who are into competitive cycling. Both have had diabetes since they were kids (Phil since 7 mos old, Joe since 10 yrs old). Both are active in the pursuit of a cure. Their motto is: “We do not want to live with…

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From the Mailbag: Comedy, D-Shirts, and Lack of Pumps

Among those emailing me this week out of pure interest, and/or requesting plugs (I’m always up for a good cause!) are:
* Shawn Lesser of Showcase Comedy in Atlanta, GA, running a “laughs campaign” to raise $100,000 for diabetes in 80 days.
* Gina from DiabetesTalkFest reminding us that voting has begun on the Diabetes T-shirt slogan contest. Click here to vote before April 30.

–> If you’re in the New York area, Gina also…

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