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What Aggravates You Most?

Here’s something highly appropriate for your Monday: an in-depth look at the “Top 10 Patient Gripes” of diabetes patients around the country — a feature article researched and written by Yours Truly.

The article is presented in the October issue of Diabetes Health magazine and is also available online now HERE.
So only 10 gripes, you ask?  Is that all?!  Heck, I had to stop somewhere. 
Now wouldn’t you like to know what topped the…

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Pimp Your Diabetes

Are you messed up with your diabetes?  WELL… ARE YOU READY?
This is going to be SOOO COOL.  I just discovered that the innovative and fun-loving diabetes advocates over at TCOYD (a non-profit offering D-education around the country) are launching a new extreme makeover program especially for suffering PWDs.  And it shall be called PIMP YOUR DIABETES.
It’s not TV, and it’s not The Swan, exactly. No surgery, and no ball gowns.  But Dr. Steven…

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Tell A Friend About Day

Dear Readers,
Please humor me as I declare today official “Tell-Another-Person-About-DiabetesMine Day.”  Self-serving?  I guess so.  But I figure after winning that journalism award I can indulge just a bit.  Also, if Mr. “Insider” over at PharmaGossip can do it, so can I.  After all, I’m busting my chops for my online community, too.  So, with apologies to Jack, I echo:
Thank you so much for your loyalty and discerning good taste in choosing…

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Laughing, with Needles

So the folks over at finally got around to posting my feature article on Laura Menninger, aka the “Glucose Goddess” — funny lady with diabetes extraordinaire.  Again, they placed the article in an incredibly difficult spot to find, with a long, unwieldy URL that you would never remember.  (So use the link above instead).
And here’s the photo that should have accompanied the article, rather than that boring headshot of me.  What were they…

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Corrections on an NFL Tattoo

A few days ago my inbox revealed yet another unexpected gem: a personal note from Oakland Raiders player Dustin Rykert, writing to correct me on my coverage of his experience being tattooed with diabetes. (Rykert made headlines with a medical symbol tattoo on his chest in 2003).
Dustin writes to clear the false impression that he may have had the assistance of a full training staff while obtaining and healing from his tattoo(s):
“Just to…

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