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Happy Thanksgiving! (Get Your Stocking Stuffers Here)

Happy Thanksgiving, People!  Strange, actually, to be wishing PWDs a happy time on such a voracious day of eating.  My plan is to stick to no more than 2 carb choices (yams and cranberries — I’ll skip the mashies and pie), and to use my nifty new food scale to count ‘em up.  Lucky for me, the party’s at my place, so I’ll have my scale nearby.  Shoulda done this years ago.
Meanwhile, I have…

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Pop Quiz: Are You Holiday-Ready?

No, really.  Are you ready for the season of making merry by way of overeating and drinking?
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about “eating diabetic,” it’s that I only feel deprived when I’m around others who are munching away, carefree-like.  Crap!  I can’t just eat that.  It’s not that simple, you know!  Well, yeah, I could eat it, but my whole BG day will go to hell.  Oh, nevermind…
Want to find out how…

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2nd Annual D-Blog Day

Today is the second annual D-Blog Day, a day of rejoicing over our ever-growing community of diabetes blogs.  Did I tell you lately that I love you guys?! (sniffle…)
As you know, there’s lots happening in the D-blog community, including of course nominations *now open* for the 2nd Annual D-Blog Awards. Apparently the policy is that last year’s winners don’t appear as nomination options, but will appear on the final ballot, so please keep me…

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Happy Halloween

Some people have been asking why I don’t post more about dietary and weight loss issues.  Um, ’cause that ain’t really my bailiwick.  But on National Sugar Day, I offer you this “beefy” greeting:

(Lean) beef is good food.  Makes great decor, too.  (Hat Tip)

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What Aggravates You Most?

Here’s something highly appropriate for your Monday: an in-depth look at the “Top 10 Patient Gripes” of diabetes patients around the country — a feature article researched and written by Yours Truly.

The article is presented in the October issue of Diabetes Health magazine and is also available online now HERE.
So only 10 gripes, you ask?  Is that all?!  Heck, I had to stop somewhere. 
Now wouldn’t you like to know what topped the…

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