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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Sweethearts’ Day to you all. I received the “Valentine” below from my favorite Diabetic Funny Lady, and just had to share.

Happy Heart

Chocolate Day!

From the


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the WW chocolate market now tops about $45 billion.
We PWDs do our share. You know we do.…

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Diabetes Quizzing

So ya think that just because you take your meds and count your carbs and visit your endo that you know something, do ya? Well now, I’ve discovered there are plenty of online quizzes to put that theory to the test.
Start at the Online Quiz Center. I tried my hand at diabetic neuropathy, and discovered that the cause for this “family of nerve disorders” is “unknown.” Hmmph.
On the lighter side, try the Accu-Check…

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Diabetes Shirts for a Cause

I get a surprising number of hits here from people searching the Web for “diabetes T-shirts.” I suppose if I were more enterprising, I’d sell them myself. Nah. My experience with retail is limited to the receiving end So instead I’m sharing a tip on two highly stylish looks that benefit the D-cause:
* For the active types, consider a cool cycling jersey from Team Type1, those incredible cyclists peddling to raise $1,000,000 for JDRF…

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Happy Holidays from DiabetesMine

Happy Holidays indeed! This will be my third year living through the food-rich and couch-comfy holiday season with diabetes. By keeping focused on regular exercise, I made it through pretty well despite eating a good bit more than usual during the 10 days or so that my kids are home and life seems to center around meals, meals, meals. What’s particularly difficult is finding wheat-free Latkes, since I do enjoy them so once a year…

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Interviewed! ChronicBabe LadyBlogger Profile #1

Now I know what Martha O’Connor was talking about when she said she felt naked. There I am for the whole world to see, and since it’s on someone else’s site I feel kinda stripped on stage, if you know what I mean.
Click here for my profile over at ChronicBabe. “Editrix” Jenni Prokopy started her site earlier this year to help younger women with chronic health issues who want to live their best lives.…

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