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Biking & Blood Sugar, or Extreme Sports with a Twist

Fresh air, the whir of wheels on the road, periodic stops to prick fingers, test blood, and down some glucose… sounds like another case of diabetic athletes pushing the limits, no?
My latest “D-celebrity” lunch was with an incredibly fit (and cute!) young professional named Matt Vogel, a Type 1 diabetic, sales specialist for Deltec Cozmo, and co-founder of Insulin Factor –- a Northern California based community of diabetics who enjoy competitive cycling, triathlons, marathons…

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St. Patrick’s Day Specials

Happy Green Day! I couldn’t resist sharing this image of what happens when you morph a leprechaun with Michael Jackson. Keep your eyes peeled in your local Irish pub!
Anyway, a few specials of note:
* Gluten-free recipes for St. Paddy’s Day. I’m intrigued by the “Frozen Green Girlscout Cocktail” (with Creme de Menthe). Or the Unusual Avacado Salad, which features walnuts and coriander seeds. Hmmm.
* St. Patrick’s Day deals from Get your…

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Better Than Internet Dating

Not that I’ve ever tried it, but now I’m actually starting to appreciate the potential of Internet dating. The last few nights in Boston I met — in real and actual person — several of my favorite online D-community contacts, who turned out not only to be verifiably safe and sane, but also amazingly fun and interesting!
First off, Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe is just as adorable as she sounds. Hard to believe that she’s…

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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Sweethearts’ Day to you all. I received the “Valentine” below from my favorite Diabetic Funny Lady, and just had to share.

Happy Heart

Chocolate Day!

From the


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the WW chocolate market now tops about $45 billion.
We PWDs do our share. You know we do.…

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Diabetes Quizzing

So ya think that just because you take your meds and count your carbs and visit your endo that you know something, do ya? Well now, I’ve discovered there are plenty of online quizzes to put that theory to the test.
Start at the Online Quiz Center. I tried my hand at diabetic neuropathy, and discovered that the cause for this “family of nerve disorders” is “unknown.” Hmmph.
On the lighter side, try the Accu-Check…

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