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The Diabetes Bike Zone

To report on another side of ADA activities altogether, there was of course the Palo Alto Tour de Cure event this Sunday. Thank you all for your contributions! And ooh, man, I am proud of myself. My girlfriend and I zipped through the 30-mile (50k) course, and then I RODE HOME. Yes, adding another 25 miles to the course. (OK, it would’ve been just 20 miles if I hadn’t taken that wrong turn at Sand…

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Diabetes, Twittered

Just a heads-up that today is a very special day for the convergence of diabetes and technology: Computer Zen wizard Scott Hanselman (ca. 20 years Type 1) is documenting his “day with diabetes” blow-by-blow using the nifty new net-tracking tool, Twitter.
The idea was to “give folks who don’t think about diabetes a little insight into how often I, and 20 million others, either do, or should, be thinking about their diabetes. I’d also like…

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Catching Bugs

Here’s a shot of me with my some of my new bike gear. Excellent! Actually, this is my old bike, and I’m pretty black, blue, and yellow so far from attempting to train on my new bike with clip-in pedals. (Don’t laugh, you know what a girlie-girl I am!)

Nevertheless, I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately out riding — complete with bugs in teeth, bugs in nostrils, bugs in ear, bugs stuck on…

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Rules of Life, the Basics

(original author unknown)
If you open it, close it.
If you drop it, pick it up.
If you empty it, fill it up.
If you make it messy, clean it up.
If you wear it, put it back.
If you borrow it, return it.
+ If you eat it, dose for it (my 2 cents)
Oh, you parents out there — does this not sum it up so well?  And for the rest of you,…

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