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Never Too Late to DeLurk

OK, so it’s totally the end of the day now. The kids are in bed, the cat has been ousted. TiVo is running. And I’m scanning for all the cyber-stuff that happened without me in the last 3-4 hours. Pathetic. But valuable, too, because I very nearly missed another official “delurking day” yet again. Geez.
Here’s my reminder button of choice, in Choice Purple:

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “DeLurking” means “to…

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A Day for Us, etc.

Like Allison, I’ve been swamped with emailed press releases about diabetes campaigns everywhere. This week, my inbox contained pitches for everything from silver-laced footwear to a free annual membership in the American Sleep Association. Like Scott, I keep my skepticism forcefield charged to filter most of this stuff out.
Still, some attention-meriting news always comes through too, including the Mother of All Diabetes Campaigns coming up in just two months (!)… But wait, first things…

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Jewelry Alert

I just didn’t feel like posting today. What can I say? It’s so sunny and big blue sky, and my middle girl started AYSO soccer AND got her braces on today. Big family day…
But meanwhile, I discovered this:
The artisans behind InSearchofBalance are hosting a diabetes jewelry contest! (sponsored by TuDiabetes). And the jewelry is NOT EVEN MEDICAL. Not at all, in fact. It’s gorgeous handcrafted silver and gemstones set in one-of-a-kind rustic designs.…

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Rocking the D-World

Gracing the cover of this month’s Diabetes Forecast magazine: rocker Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison. Actually, he and his ‘betes have been all over the media lately. Nice to know that even oversexed rock-stars living in the fast lane can really keep a handle on their BG control, ay?
I mean, this guy went out with Pamela Anderson, for God’s sake. (Weelll… they probably stayed in more than they went out). His über-trashy new…

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Goody Goodies

Happy Monday!
Ugh, back in the office even though it’s summer. Life is so unfair. OK, so… skip the donuts today. Instead perhaps sink your teeth into a few carb-free goodies I have to share:
Who’s seen the excellent article on diabetes blogs in this month’s Diabetes Self-Management magazine? Yup, this one’s penned by our very own Goddess of the OC, Allison Blass. She does an excellent job of explaining blogs and their value to…

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