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Wisdom of the Winners, and More

Harking back to the last contest hosted here, Seven Words of Wisdom for Living with Diabetes, today a nice photo montage of our wise and wonderful winners — and their coveted prizes.

– Terry Keelan sporting attitude, and his new DBMine shirt
(Pay attention. Lick your fingers. Move forward.)

– Brian Boone’s wrist looking cool with his new leather med-ID from StickyJewelry
(Check your glucose. Check again. Check again.)

– A very happy Karen Doering,…

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What Money Can’t Buy

Last week’s Spring Break is over. Whew… Although as parents we felt our wallets rupturing, a good time was had by all — especially in those moments we weren’t paying for. 
Snacks for the road: $17.54
Extra gluten-free road-fare for you-know-who: $13.00
Pre-departure tank-up: $63.00 (no kidding)
Movie rentals for the backseat-installed DVD player: $34.00
Sound of hubby’s and my own voices as we actually chatted in perfect peace: Priceless
Tram tour of the…

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Studies Show Correlation Between Storks, Babies, Diabetes

San Francisco, April 1, 2008 — Two new studies out of Croatia show strong evidence that residents of areas high in stork and baby populations also show high incidence of diabetes, and patients living in the affected areas also experience high blood sugar more often — despite drug treatments — than their counterparts elsewhere in the world.
The studies also showed that the following lifestyle elements either cause or exacerbate diabetes: watching TV, eating dairy…

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Seven Words of Wisdom for Diabetes: The Winners!

Seven words to start off this post: My, oh my, what a tough choice (!)
When I asked if anyone had Seven Words of Wisdom specific to diabetes, ala Michael Pollan and the New York Times, I’m not sure I knew quite what to expect. Would you take it literally, offering instructions, or provide poetry? Or conjur up sarcasm? What I got was a little bit of everything. Thank you!
You were all so wonderfully…

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Why Most Drugstore Diabetes Pubs Suck

When you go in to your local Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS or the like, do you find racks of those colorful but flimsy little throw-away diabetes magazines staring at you? Do you ever pick them up and look through them? Well I just can’t help myself. And often times, they make me really mad.
Last month, for example, I picked up a copy of something called Diabetes Health Monitor, which brags on the cover that it’s…

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