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Riva Greenberg and the Diabetes Mentoring Imperative

Through the wonder of the Internet, it was hard to tell, but I was in New York last week –  visiting my various publishers (for our new KYN book, plus dLife and HealthCentral).  It was cold and crisp and holiday-sparkly and shopping heaven.  I have so much to report!  Where to begin?  Allow me to start with Riva Greenberg, please.
Riva’s been a Type 1 for 35 years. She’s a writer and an illustrator and…

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The Book I Did Write

So I didn’t write the Great American Diabetes Narrative, nope.  But what I dreamed of doing was offering a clear instruction manual on how to manage your own health with diabetes — the kind of book I certainly could have used but couldn’t find when I was diagnosed.
Author James Hirsch writes of a growing divide between diabetic haves and have-nots — a world in which “an elite corps of highly motivated, educated, and financially…

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The Book I Wish I Wrote

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break, everybody. I hope it was an enjoyable one.  You did pretty well on food choices?  Personally, I’m still bloated.  Bought reams of salad yesterday for the “cleansing” peroid
In any case, what I wanted to share was that I spent some time this weekend with James S. Hirsch’s new book, Cheating Destiny: Living with Diabetes, America’s Biggest Epidemic.  I’m about halfway through it now, but it only took me about…

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[Chronic Disease] Vixen

Ah, a few days after Halloween seems like an ideal time to mention Cancer Vixen, Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s  new “graphic novel” (comic book on steroids?) about her own face-off with “grim reaper” aka breast cancer — and how she kicked its butt, in 5-inch heels no less!
Love Vixens? Love gutsy people who Just Say NO to chronic disease?  Then you will want to watch the animated promo, HERE.
I’ve thumbed through this book in…

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Genetics and Health

How much do you know about the subject?  Not alot?  Me neither.  But that didn’t stop Science and Health Channel editor Hsien-Hsien Lei from interviewing me on the topic.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer.  See the interview HERE.

What I tried to get across was that us folks who actually live with chronic diseases tend to take a very pragmatic view of all things health-related.  For us, this is not some untapped market,…

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