What Do You Want From a Health Site / Community?

Oh, how the health-related websites proliferate. They’re popping up faster than frozen yogurt shops in the 1980′s. At least a dozen new health-focused search engines and patient community sites have graciously contacted me in recent weeks asking for feedback on their functionality and patient karma. Sadly, I haven’t been able to do them all justice.
Which makes me think they can’t possibly all survive. I’m guessing that most of you are as busy as I…

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Live from the DH Studios: Watch This!

Hello from Computer-TV-land.
Today I am on-site at Diabetes Health magazine’s new broadcast studio in Marin, CA. Editor Scott King and I will discuss the latest D-news, new product designs, and conduct a big fat Q&A session answering dozens of reader questions. The flagship show of Diabetes Live is must-see TV!
So settle down in front of your PC and have your telephone handy to call 800-473-4636 with questions.

Definitely let me know how it…

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Doug Burns Update, a Little “Dia-Log,” and Fiction for the ADA

It’s another Miscellaneous-Updates Day here at I’m stuffing things in bags, as our family’s off to Lake Shasta for a long weekend. Ah, the outdoors… Honey, are you bringing your laptop?!
Anyway, here are three news bits I wanted to share pre-road trip:
* Did anyone else catch the headline that Mr. Universe Doug Burns is now planning to sue the city of Redwood City? What?! After all that talk of not being litigious?…

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Blogs That Go “Think”

Another Amy has introduced me to the roving “Thinking Blogger Awards” (thank you!). These were initiated by one Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog in February. Each awardee is tasked with naming 5
fave blogs. It’s a real nice way to pass around some excellent blog recs.
So I thought. And I thunk. But I decided not to get too fancy. I mean, the idea is “5 blogs that make me think,” so they ought…

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